I'm sure you have all seen the commercial for Subway's new Enchilada Melt.  Or as I like to call it the 'Cruncha Muncha Firtos On My Sub.'

Well, yesterday I finally took the plunge and tried it.

It is delicious. I was a little nervous because the chicken looked a little weird at first and I wasn't sure what kind of toppings to put on it.

I figured I would go with the same kinds of things I would put on a taco. Ya know, lettuce and tomato, black olives, and the recommended chipotle southwestern sauce. So good.

My brother is working at Subway while in college, and he had been telling me to try it.  I didn't really feel the need until he told me it is only sticking around through the end of March.  So if I wanted to try it I better get on it! I was apprehensive because if it wasn't good then I missed out on getting my regular at Subway. Plus, it would be a waste of money.

But I tried it and it was delicious.  So go on in and tell them you want Fritos on your sub!


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