Let me tell you a funny story about a western couple who were looking for a place to elope. Their effort was delayed when a big ole buck decided that it was him that needed love instead.

This video was just shared today and it looks like a simple deer trying to get attention moment, but there's so much more to the story.

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The original version shared by Alison White Photography explains that there's much more going on here. A couple are looking for the perfect elopement spot. They stop to scope out a place when this big deer steals the show.

I have to confess that this left me a little bit confused at first since they said they were looking for an elopement spot "in the west". Come to find out when they say "west", they mean western Scotland. Where did I put my kilt?

Even though the video was just shared, this buck is acting like it's rutting season. Perhaps he sees something in the guy that says potential mate? I'm just guessing. More than likely he's just wanting a handout.

Here's hoping this happy couple (the people not the deer) find as much love as this buck is seeking. Here's hoping the deer finds the friend he obviously needs right now.

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