Will May 2017 be the month for Sioux Falls to break the above normal temperature streak? At the halfway point, the answer is maybe.

Already recorded temperatures for the month have things starting on the high side. As a reminder, this is the formula for determining monthly average temperature: add the normal temperatures for each day, both high and low, then divide by double the number of days in the month.

For May the average high is 69.8 and the average low is 46.2. Compare that to what has transpired already, as of May 17, 2017 the average high is 73.5 and the average low is 45.8.

Keep in mind that the next week sets up as a cooler than normal spell. If that seven-day outlook holds close to the prediction, that above normal gap will be almost razor thin with one week left in the month.

It’s been since August 2015 that Sioux Falls has recorded a monthly temperature below average. The law of averages has to work at some point.

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