A Sioux Falls man with previous criminal offenses is back in jail.

Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says 18-year-old Conner Hanson faces a number of charges after he reportedly broke into an apartment on Saturday.

"We had a current boyfriend and girlfriend that were in their apartment. The ex-boyfriend showed up. He wanted to get in the apartment. There was some sort of dispute between he and his ex-girlfriend. He ended up kicking open the door to the apartment. Once that happened, the woman ran to the back room to hide. The current boyfriend grabbed a hammer to defend himself. Once the suspect saw the hammer, he left."

When police caught up with Conner Hanson, Clemens says the Sioux Falls man texted his ex-girfriend.

"When the officer was taking the report, Hanson continued to text the girl and was threatening her." One of the texts included the word "casket."

Hanson was charged with first degree burglary, simple assault domestic, stalking and intentional damage to property.

In January, Hanson was acquitted of murder. He also made a court appearance in April on domestic assault charges.

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