Thinking about going to a movie tonight? Leave your large bags in the car if it's a flick showing at either the Century Stadium 14 or Century East at Dawley Farms Theatres.

Thanks to the continued spree of shootings taking place in public venues across the nation, KSFY TV is reporting that Cinemark, the theatre group that owns and operates both the Century 14 and Century East Dawley Farms locations in Sioux Falls is establishing a new large bag policy. The new policy went into effect on Thursday, (February 22) at its collection of theatres nationwide.

According to KSFY, from now on, the movie theatre chain is no longer allowing people to bring in bags or packages bigger than 12 x12 x 6 inches. Cinemark says the reason for the large bag ban is simple, to increase “the safety and security of our guests and employees.”

There are a few exceptions to the new policy, KSFY reports that movie-goers are still authorized to bring in diaper and medical bags, however, Cinemark employees have the right to inspect all bags and packages.

This new move will no doubt make things more difficult for movie-goers wishing to sneak in their own soda and snacks to help cut down on the movie night tab.

Cinemark is one of the largest theatre chains in the country. The company currently owns 533 theatres, containing almost 6000 screens nationwide.

Source: KSFY TV

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