The nearly $7.2 million dollar renovation is still on-going to the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota, but the theme has already been announced for the 2015 murals that will decorate the world famous building.

Next year's mural theme will be 'South Dakota's 125th', which will pay tribute to South Dakota celebrating the 125th anniversary of its statehood.  Visitors will see images of the state's Capitol building, bison, a wolf, an American Indian, a farm, gold miners and a paddle steamboat.

Construction of the murals will take place as the renovations continue on the building.  Workers are already beginning the process of putting the borders of the murals in place, but the actual murals themselves won't be completed until late August or early September, after the corn is ready.

Wade Strand will be paid $57,000 for his part in helping with the murals.  Strand grows the colored corn used in the designs and also provides the rye and other grasses that is used in the border of the murals.  The mural designer is Cherie Ramsdell, and she will pocket $8,950 for the 'South Dakota's 125th' designs.

The murals should be completed by November.


Source:  The Daily Republic