There are lots of ways to express your dedication to a particular film or character: you can write about it, you can post GIFs on Tumblr, you can get a tattoo or wear officially licensed merchandise, or you can get really into cosplay. The choice is yours. But for one fan of ‘Captain America,’ these things were simply not enough. In order to better emulate his favorite Marvel villain, one fan has gone so far as to have a large portion of his own nose removed. Yikes.

In a very…interesting…article over at The Daily Mail (which also offers several more photos), we meet Venezuelan super fan Henry Damon, who has gone to some serious extremes to look like ‘Captain America’ villain Red Skull. Body modification is nothing new, and most of it is hardly shocking anymore, but Damon has really gone the extra mile with his obsession. You can check out a photo of him below…if you dare.

Not only does he have his face tattooed red and black, and his eyes tattooed black (oh yes, you can do this, but please do not), but he’s also gotten dermal implants, which sit under your skin to give parts of your face like your eyebrows and temples a protruding effect.

Damon, who is a 37 year-old married man and father, has apparently always dreamed of becoming Red Skull, the ‘Captain America’ villain and Nazi recruit. In order to obtain the surgeries, Damon went to his friend, med-school dropout Emilio Gonzalez, whose specialty is tattoos and unusual body modifications. Damon had to undergo several psychological tests before he could obtain the surgeries he desired, but he’s not done yet: next, he plans on receiving silicone implants in his cheekbones, chin, and cheeks, and will tattoo his entire face red.

AFP/Getty Images
AFP/Getty Images

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