I saw these photo's that Andy Larson from Beresford, SD posted on Facebook. I really hadn't thought about Bobcats running around Eastern South Dakota.

So I messaged Andy to get the story behind these photos and this is what he told me about the pics:

My dad came across it on side of the road close to his driveway which is about a mile west of the Centerville-Hudson I-29 exit or about 4 or 5 miles NW of Beresford. The GFP officer said that there have been enough bobcat sightings down in Union County to open a trapping season for them but there haven't been enough sightings in Lincoln County where we are.  He may have mentioned Yankton and Clay County as well but I can't remember if they're pending on a new season or not. He said bobcats are still present in most of North America from Canada to Texas it's just they keep to themselves and mostly stay along waterways and forests. They behave much like a feral farm cat nocturnal usually and hunt small rodents.

Andy went on to add these good points:

If you have a sighting or if you see one bothering livestock, contact GFP officer in your area for permission to take care of problem cats. The GFP officer also said chickens unfortunately do not warrant permission to eliminate a cat but cattle will.

I found this very interesting.  Thanks for sharing Andy!

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