The COVID-19 pandemic has really changed a lot in our world, especially for local business owners.  Unfortunately, one business in the Sioux Empire is another causality to the on-going economic effects of the pandemic.

Blue 42 Sports Grill in Hartford, South Dakota has announced they will be closing its doors for good on Friday, November 20th.  The local establishment broke the devasting news on Facebook.

In a heartfelt message on its Facebook page, the general manager of the Hartford restaurant, Tony Axtell, explains to its loyal customers:

"Over the past 6 to 9 months my staff and myself have exhausted every option to try and save Blue 42. However, with the world in chaos, we have seen the decline in sales increase each month.  We want to Thank the community for their continued support through the pandemic but also since the day we opened the doors. Hartford and the surrounding areas have been home to us and we have been proud to give back to this wonderful community when at all possible."

Blue 42 Sports Grill opened its doors in 2017.  To celebrate the three wonderful years in business, Blue 42 Sports Grill will have "large specials" in order to give everyone a chance to visit one last time.

The local sports bar was known to have great food ready to go for game day.  In fact, they participated in the inaugural "Hartford Burger Battle" in 2019.  I even had the pleasure and opportunity to feature Blue 42 Sports Grill during the competition.

Dakota Plains Event Center will also be closing its doors Sunday, November 22nd.

It's so crucial to support local businesses now more than ever.  Think about ordering take-out once a week from restaurants, or visiting local stores for your holiday shopping list.  Local businesses make this country great.  Let's try our best to keep them running and hope no other businesses suffer because of COVID.

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