Friday 12/14/12 - The man that brought us Jessica Alba passed away, I'm the only one that liked ‘Prometheus.‘

  • Thr Man Who Brought Us Jessica Alba Has Died

    Norman Joseph Woodland, co-creator of the bar code, died this week. Because of his invention we had the show 'Dark Angel' that starred Jessica Alba. Thank you bar code tattoo.

  • Google's Top Movie Searches of 2012

    Google's top five movie searches of the year were: 1. ‘The Hunger Games‘ 2. ‘Skyfall‘ 3. ‘Prometheus‘ 4. ‘The Avengers‘ 5. ‘Magic Mike.‘ I seem to be the only person that enjoyed ‘Prometheus.‘

  • 1D #1 4 MTV

    On Direction is MTV's artist of the year.

  • Taylor Swift Did Stuff and Stuff

    Taylor Swift was seen with a guy! And a goodball tried to break into her house.