Following a dream for one Sioux Falls lass will take almost 4,000 miles one way to complete. Destination is the Emerald Isle to play the harp.

Currently at ten years of age, Veronika Stanichar explained that her fascination of playing the harp began at age four after attending a recital in which her Mother performed. Anna Vorhes played a harp at the same recital and Veronika immediately gravitated toward the instrument.

“At the end of the recital, I thought I wanted to try her harp. I did and thought it was pretty cool to play it. I asked if I could take lessons, but first I had to learn how to read.”

Once the reading comprehension goal was met, then came all the preparation and hard work to learn the instrument. To test her talents, Veronika entered the Midwest Fleadh in Cincinnati with modest expectations and focused mostly on enjoying the moment.

“(At the time) I thought I’m here for fun and I’m just going to have a good time and do some fun things while I’m here. It’s not going to matter if I get last place. I’m just going to try my hardest and have fun while doing it.”

A second place performance in the Under 12 Harp category punched her ticket to Ireland. To see Veronika perform her award-winning talents she will be at Mrs. Murphy’s downtown on Friday evening and on July 7 at McNally’s to help raise money to make the trip.

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