Arianators will truly have no tears left to cry on May 1.

Ariana Grande is primed for a total takeover of The Tonight Show this upcoming Tuesday, when the pop star will appear as Jimmy Fallon's guest for the entire episode, participating in comedy sketches, an interview, "a few surprises," and performing her new single, "No Tears Left to Cry," on TV for the first time.

Grande announced her upcoming guest stint on Instagram on Wednesday (April 25), sharing a parody clip of Fallon singing the news to the tune of her new song in a handful of videos posted to her Story.

She made the announcement by first shouting out all the creative fans who shared their covers of her new single (which she has been frequently re-posting to her Story), before prefacing that the cover she was about to share was her favorite yet.

The clip she shard saw Fallon, appearing in the same shimmering kaleidoscope filter featured in the "No Tears..." video, singing about Grande's upcoming appearance: "Tuesday, May 1st, Ariana Grande's here. For the entire show... Ariana, The Tonight Show, Fallon and Grande are ready to go."

Watch below:

Tune in to The Tonight Show on Tuesday, May 1 at 11:30PM (EST) to catch Ariana Grande's episode.

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