If these latest models are correct, South Dakota and much of the country are in for a warmer than normal winter. Is that good news?

It depends how we look at it.

Global warming is gaining more attention, even in circles who have brushed it aside in the past years. We are constantly seeing new records broken by consecutive hottest months since record keeping began.

One of the charming qualities of South Dakota is experiencing all four seasons. Of course, some seem much longer than others. For me, winter is that season. By late January I'm ready for the bone-chilling cold to just be done.

However, that bone-chilling cold may not arrive, at least November through January according to the latest climate models by NOAA. It appears there is a good chance that  temperatures should be above normal - with Sioux Falls right on the line.

NOAA/ National Weather Service
NOAA/ National Weather Service









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