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    Brandon Cold Case Arrest

    Yesterday a 41 year old Brandon man was arrested as a suspect in a cold case murder dating back to 1996. Thomas Jaracaeski was arrested in Sioux Falls for allegedly killing a man during a relationship dispute. Court papers say Jaracaeski shot and killed veterinarian Dr. Brian Rein who was dating Jaraczeski's ex-girlfriend.

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    Brandon Kid With Gun

    Last Friday night during “Family Fun Night” at Robert Bennis Elementary Scool in Brandon Police were called about a 4th grader with a gun. Turns out it was a pellet gun that the 4th grader was using to allegedly threaten other kids. The School didn't tell parents about the incident and Thursday at least one parent came forward to ask the Brandon Valley School District why.

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    Howard Wood This Weekend

    Good luck to everyone participating in the 89th Annual Howard Wood Dakota Relays. Thousands of folks will be in Sioux Falls for the event that runs today and tomorrow...May 2nd & 3rd.  Have fun!

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    Your Weekend Weather from the NWS

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    What "Old Tech" Do You Prefer?

    What old technology do you prefer over the modern version? According to a NEW STUDY here are eight of the most popular answers . . .

    1.  Paper books over e-books.
    2.  Popcorn in a pot with oil.  It tastes so much better than microwave popcorn.
    3.  Manual transmission . . . it's more fun to drive and easier to maintain.
    4.  An old 10-cent Bic razor over an electric razor . . . or a six-blade vibrating razor.
    5.  Walking around Blockbuster to find a movie instead of flipping indecisively through Netflix over and over.
    6.  Brewing nice, regular coffee . . . nothing flavored and no pods or Keurig cups.
    7.  Taking notes with a pen and paper, not on a laptop or a tablet.
    8.  A manual can opener . . . one that cuts from the side, not through the top.

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