Your pets probably love all this extra time you are spending with them over the past few months at home. However, quite a few South Dakota pet owners are worried that their pets will have separation anxiety when they go back to work in the office on a regular basis.

According to a recent study conducted by mira-pet from over 3,000 people across the country, concluded that 1 in 5 pet owners in South Dakota (20%) fear their pet will experience separation anxiety when they return to work full time.

73% of people who worked alongside their pets at home said that their pets also helped them deal with their mental health issues during lockdown or self-isolation.

The study also revealed that pet lovers would also be willing to forgo some compensation from their jobs in order to stay at home with their pets more frequently.

But if working from home isn't an option, 57% of people think that having an office mascot would help boost team spirit and increase productivity.

Thus, why not have a signup sheet for whoever wants to bring their dog into work for whole the office building to enjoy? Imagine how tired Fido would be from all the attention they got throughout the day!

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