For some reason I kinda get a kick outta some of those online polls, personality profiles, relationship quizzes, and stuff like that.

I found this new one from that I hadn't seen yet .  It's kinda stupid, yet fun. Astrologist, Danielle Paige, recently put together list of the best fast food places to go to according to your zodiac sign and what the say about you.

Here is the list of The Best Fast Food For Your Sign.  Does it hit or miss?

1. If you're an Aries: it's Burger King. You like trying new things, and they've been adding weird new stuff to their menu recently, like their Chicken Cheetos Fries.

2. If you're a Taurus: Chipotle. You're more patient and like being in control. So you're more likely to go somewhere that takes longer but serves real food. And you like to watch them make it, so Subway could also work.

3. If you're a Gemini: Arby's. Or anywhere else that has a huge menu with lots of stuff to choose from.

4. If you're a Cancer: a bucket of chicken from KFC. Or something like a pizza that you can share with other people.

5. If you're a Leo: Taco Bell. Just like an Aries, you like trying new things that might seem weird to other people. So go with something like the Doritos Locos Taco.

6. If you're a Virgo: Panera Bread. Or anywhere else that serves stuff that's slightly healthier than normal fast food.

7. If you're a Libra: Domino's. Just like Cancers, you want to be able to order something that's big and sharable.

8. If you're a Scorpio: Starbucks. You're more about the experience than the food. So you're happier in a place with good chairs, free Wi-Fi, and half-decent music.

9. If you're a Sagittarius: In-N-Out Burger. Or any other regional fast food place that you can't just get anywhere.

10. If you're a Capricorn: McDonald's. Capricorns like classic things that remind them of their childhood. Plus they're practical, so the fact that it's cheap is good too.

11. If you're an Aquarius: Dairy Queen. Most people never go there, so it seems weirder and more unique.

12. If you're a Pisces: Wendy's. You're an optimist, so you don't care if the food's healthy or not.

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