I love these kinds of quizzes and take them all the time. Who knows what kind of "actual" science they are based in, but they inevitably do have some insight into our nature and the makeup of our personalities.

The list of this kind of quiz is a long one. You can find out what kind of person you are based on:

  • The kind of car you drive
  • Your favorite ice cream flavor
  • The position you sleep in at night
  • The toppings you prefer on your pizza
  • Boxers or briefs
  • Taco Johns or Taco Bell (definitely Taco Johns)

. . .and many more.

This is the latest quiz I came across and had fun with- -just enter your burger preferences and it will somehow determine your basic personality type. Mine ended up being dead on. I was judged to be a DGAF kind of burger person (their not-so-nice acronym and yet most assuredly correct).

Try it yourself and see if it comes even close to being true for you. Click here for the quiz.

Source: BuzzFeed.com

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