It was a quiet night in the Pettigrew Heights neighborhood on the evening of Tuesday, July 12, 2016 when all of a sudden reports started coming into the dispatch center regarding a strange creature making its way through the area.

Callers indicated it appeared to be a very animated, dangerous, but adorable Weedle. That's right a Pokemon Go Weedle was loose on the streets of Sioux Falls! (Okay, not really on the streets, they like forests, lawns, and bushes- - that kind of thing).

This insidious, poisonous and totally cute larva Pokemon, was wending its way through a lawn, eating leaves as it moved through the grass and occasional bush, when it was spotted and taken into custody by Sioux Falls Police Recruit Officer Ehler who was not stung by the little Weedle because he was just protecting him.

The Weedle's representatives could be reached for comment and said, "Dudes, we're just glad that the Sioux Falls Police Department gets it! They even have a "Pokestop" in front of the Law Enforcement Center! Pokemon on!"

(Some details of this story may have been fabricated by the author)

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