I'm sure those who love a good beer might be somewhat upset after knowing that beer can actually be used for something other than drinking.  According to the Mother Nature Network, other than drinking, beer can come in handy for some other household chores.

I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to ask my husband to get me a beer some Saturday afternoon.  I know he will be thinking I'm ready to get wild and crazy, but it sure will be kind of entertaining for me to tell him that I'm going to be doing some household chores with it instead.  (I'm already imagining the look of disappointment on his face.  A couple of reasons:  a wife that doesn't want to party and what a waste of a good beer!)

Along with the six uses of beer listed below, here are some other options for the use of beer.  (Other than drinking, of course!)





  • 1

    Polish Furniture

    If you have ever spilled some beer on your wood coffee table, you might have noticed that there is a shine to the table after you have cleaned it up.  Lifehacker says that there is one catch though to using beer as a furniture polish....the beer must be flat.  A whole beer won't be necessary, but maybe leave a little in a bottle overnight.  Then apply it with a soft cloth.

    Cool Uses For Beer/Youtube
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    Drown Fruit Flies

    Fill a jar with about an inch of beer.  Take a piece of paper and twist it into a funnel, tape it closed and place it in the jar so the tiny opening is just above the beer level.  Make sure the top of the funnel is wide enough that the fruit flies can't escape.  The fruit flies will be attracted to the beer, and by giving them a very narrow entrance and not much room to get out, they will eventually drown in the beer.  (I know, this sounds like heaven to some people!)  It might take some time and a several changes of beer, but you will get the pests.  (Hey....it's a reason to drink a beer every day though.)

    How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies/Youtube
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    Drown Slugs In The Garden

    I am ready to try this!  I have had problems with slugs in my flower garden and I have tried about everything possible at my local greenhouse to get rid of those slimy things!  According to Care2, not only are fruit flies attracted to beer, but so are slugs.  Simply get a clean wide-mouth container (doesn't have to be big),  bury it in your garden so that the top of the container is flush with the ground and fill it halfway with beer.  The slugs will think it's a party when they slide in for a swim, but never get out.  Yes, it sounds horrible for the slugs, but so are holes in your plants in your garden.

    Cool Uses For Beer/Youtube
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    Hair Care Products

    Why go to a hairdresser?  According to SheKnows, you can take a six-pack of light colored beer and apply your own highlights!  Further instructions include using four of the beers to saturate your hair, and drink the other two while sitting in the sun, allowing the sun to do it's magic of bleaching your locks.  You can also use a beer to add some bounce to your hair.  The vitamin B and natural sugars in beer add body and shine, while acting as a natural setting lotion that increases resilience, vitality, and hold.  Pour one cup of beer into a glass and allow it to go flat and become warm.  Shampoo your hair (using your normal shampoo) then work the warm, flat beer into your hair.  Rinse with cool water.

    Cool Uses For Beer/Youtube
  • 5

    Clean Your Car Battery

    If you are having a problem with your car starting because of corrosion on your battery, beer is the answer!  Luckily for you, the carbonation in beer can melt away the buildup and get you back on the road.

    How To Clean Corrosion On Battery/Youtube
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    Soak Your Feet

    You might have heard of some spas that allow you to bathe entirely in beer.  But, that could really cost you some money if you were going to do that at home.  So why not just soak your feet in beer?  Beer has been known to remove dead skin and calluses and could even help get rid of a toenail fungal problem or Athlete’s Foot.  Here's a recipe for a beer foot bath. 

    Uses For Beer/Youtube