So it's 2am on Saturday Night and I jokingly say to my friend Tim, let's go to Kansas City and go to the Twins game and surprise my boy bestie Mike! He says "ok" and at 3am we head down I-29 for a big surprise!

With one pit stop to change a tire, there was a screw in it, we were on our way! I booked the hotel online right before we left. We arrive 5.5 hours later and couldn't check in yet since the hotel was full. So I called my friend Tara, I was planning on surprising her later that day but we needed a shower. She was obviously surprised when I said, "So here's the deal, I'm in Kansas City!" After visiting her we went off to surprise my friend  Lindsey and that went well too! Needless to say she was shocked!

Mike was next but we had a Twins/Royals game to attend! Unfortunately, my Twins lost, sad deal. But all I could think about was the look on Mike's face when he saw me there in Kansas City. I knew he was at work so we headed to the Independence Mall. I walked in there, Mike was with customers, but we quietly stood at the end of the store. He saw me and his face went to a big smile and you could see the shock! Mission Accomplished!

It was so good to see him! I have very few people in my life that I consider my best friends, those who I trust with all my heart and who I would do anything for. Mike has only been in Kansas City a few weeks but it has seemed like forever to me. And quite frankly I missed him. I have two other very close friends who moved to Colorado and Missouri, so my closest friends live in different states. Thank goodness for facebook and texting. But it is honestly not much fun having them not here with me. I have felt pretty alone lately being single and best friendless. I am blessed that I have amazing daughters and a great group of friends here in South Dakota and they are helping with the transition of getting used to not having Sara, Angel and Mike  here with me.

I think this spontaneous trip was mostly for my sanity. It might of been a YOLO (You Only Live Once) thing to do but I needed to see him. I'm glad I did and it did help! I did, however, want to kidnap him and bring him back home!