Remember WWE back in the day? The time when Jake "the snake" Roberts used to put a python on his opponent after a devastating DDT? Or how about George "the animal" Steele would rip apart the turnbuckle? And we have all seen what Hulk Hogan was gonna do when he runs wild on you!

My father got me hooked on wrestling when I was a kid. I remember staying up late on a Saturday night to watch "Saturday Nights Main Event". Those days, that was the BIG event for the month. Nowadays they have a Pay-Per-View once a month. Last night (2/17) was the Elimination Chamber.

WWE programming is broadcast in more than 145 countries and 30 languages and reaches more than 600 million homes worldwide. Each week, WWE creates seven hours of original programming that is watched by approximately 14 million fans in the U.S.

So my question is...Do you let your kids watch WWE wrestling? Being a fan of the sport all my life I have to say that there was a time in the early 00's that it was alittle risque but they have, in my opinion, toned it down.

What is your take, is WWE wrestling acceptable for children? At watch age?