I'm married so this really doesn't apply, but if I were single I would NEVER use a coupon or gift card on a first date. Ironically, that would have been a turn-on for my wife if I had used one on our first date.

According to a survey by CouponCabin, one in four Americans have used a coupon on a first date. That's an 8% increase from when they did the same survey last year. The economy is the main reason for the increase 49% of people said the slow economy makes them more likely to use a coupon.

Three out of four people 73% said they would not be offended if their date used coupons, and they'd even consider going out with the person again. 12% of people said they'd finish out the date but they wouldn't go out with the person again. 3% would let their date know they weren't happy about the coupons and 1% said they would walk out.

37% of people said that married couples are allowed to use coupons when they go out 31% said students could use them on dates and 4% said it's never acceptable to use coupons on a date.