It's one of the more fun things to think and talk about -- what would you do if you won a big jackpot in the lottery? I would pay off the house, pay off the student loans, take 2 weeks off to go to Hawaii with my family, and buy a few guns that are getting rusty since I've been drooling over them for months.

But other than having a few toys I want and not worrying about money as much, I don't think my life would change much.

According to a survey by CouponCabin, two thirds of us would keep living frugally if we won the lottery.

  • 72% of Americans would take their jackpot in one lump sum instead of annual payments.
  • Here's how a big jackpot would NOT change our lives:
  • 55% of us would keep using coupons.
  • 53% would keep shopping at the Dollar Store or other discount stores
  • 51% would make sure to buy items when they're on sale
  • 36% of us would keep working at the same job

I would definitely keep my job. I love my job! I may ask to have some of my managerial duties given to someone else and take a pay cut in return, but I would go nuts if I couldn't keep doing my show.

Let's say you won the lottery and after taking the one-time payout and taxes were taken out, you get two million dollars. Would you quit your job?