Like every time in human history, there is always a decade or a century that is known for its horrible fashion. We're just over a decade into the 21st century and already there are loads of bad fashions trends that have taken hold of our culture.

A survey by has found the worst fashion trends of this century. Here's the trends people hated the most:

  1. Sagging pants and exposed underwear on men. (It was almost dead until Bieber brought the saggy back)
  2. Jeggings meaning tight leggings that look like jeans.
  3. Cheap jewelry or too much jewelry.
  4. Women's hot pants.
  5. Wearing a denim shirt or jacket with jeans. (AKA - the Canadian Tuxedo)
  6. Fake designer purses.
  7. Wearing athletic gear at all times. (Fine if you're under 12 years old)
  8. Socks with sandals. (That's not really new, it just won't go away.)