It makes me strangely happy to see American parents still making terrible on their children's names. I don't want to live in a world where everyone's named Emma or Jaden. At the same time, I feel sorry for some of these kids.

The website put together a list of the most unusual baby names of 2012. At least two parents independently reported giving every name on the list, which means none of the names are a one-off fluke.

Here are my picks for the 10 worst girls and boys names of 2012.

For Girls: Excel, Jagger, Kaixin, Monalisa, Queenie, Rogue, Shoog, Thinn, Yoga, and Zealand.

For Boys: Burger, Cajun, Cello, Cobain, Donathan, Espn, Four, Goodluck, Haven'T, Hippo.

Our offer still stands. If you are thinking of a baby name and you aren't sure about it, Mel and I will gladly give you our objective opinion. If we can make fun of it, it's probably not a great one.

Another thing you could do is type it into Google. If you do and it says "Did you mean diarrhea?" that might not be the right name for your baby. This would be a good idea because we had a guy call in and tell us he knew someone who named her daughter "Chlamydia" because she thought it sounded pretty.

My favorite place to look for baby names is the Social Security Administration's baby name website. You can look up popular baby names by year, decade, or just search the popularity of a name.