I was brought up having guns in a case in my parents bedroom, unlocked even. I didn't mess with them and wouldn't even think about it.

When I became educated on how to use a gun, I still didn't mess with them unless I was going to go shoot them.

I worked at a sporting clay range when I was a teen. There I was around them all the time and was taught gun safety and how to shoot one. It was fun and I was proud to find out I was a decent shot.

Guns were always part of my life. I have shot a ton of different types and even have my concealed weapons permit. I find it silly not to be educated on how to use one.

I have a gun for self defense and to protect my family. I have never had to use one for that, but I have a feeling of security knowing I do know how.

I encourage women and youth to get educated about them. It is your 2nd amendment right after all. If it's not for you, understandable, but at least you will have some education.

There is a course for WOMEN only coming up this Sunday, Oct 28th where you will have a course on safety and will be able to try a handgun, rifle and shotgun. I will be there helping teach the handgun portion of it. I hope to see you there ladies.

Here is the flyer for more info:

Preregister at www.wilddakota.com