I'm no detective, but I think the cops might want to start searching the local carnivals and sideshows for this suspect.

Police in Columbia, South Carolina are currently trying to find a woman with a goatee who shoplifted $650 worth of stuff from a Kmart last Wednesday.

The woman is described as a black female, 25 to 30 years old, with glasses, dreadlocks, and, again, A GOATEE.

She and a female friend who didn't have any facial hair stole some University of South Carolina and Dallas Cowboys hats and jackets from the Kmart.

When an employee chased them into the parking lot, one of the women lifted up her shirt and showed she had a gun in her waistband. She threatened to shoot the Kmart employee and since no one's dying over Kmart, he backed off.

Police are hunting for the women. The goatee remains their best lead.