A pair of acquaintances became a little less friendly on Saturday afternoon with one of them needing hospitalization.

Police Officer Sam Clemens says it’s not certain what started the fight, but it got ugly in a hurry.

“We had a couple of people that know each other. They were drinking together. There was some type of argument then one challenged the other to a fight with the suspect grabbing a kitchen knife. The victim didn’t realize it at the time, but she had gotten stabbed on her left side which punctured her lung. Someone had to point it out to her.”

The victim eventually went to the hospital for treatment for her injuries, but the suspect had left the scene. It was a stroke of good fortune that police found the suspect at another call in the area of W. 12th Street.

40-year old Kimberly Duran a transient from Sioux Falls was arrested for Aggravated Assault and False Impersonation.

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