I couldn't find a lot of details about this story, but it has a nice, feel-good holiday ending so I'll share what I found.

A woman decided to get her son an iPad for Christmas, so she bought one online from Best Buy. When the iPad arrived, the woman realized that Best Buy had screwed up the order but in a good way. Instead of sending one iPad, they sent five!

The family tried to do the right thing and contacted Best Buy, but they didn't get a reply. So they told the story to a website called The Consumerist, who contacted Best Buy for them.

Best Buy finally wrote back, thanked the family for being so honest, and admitted they made a mistake.

Then they told the family to, quote, "keep the additional iPads and give them to people in need; friends, family, a local school or charity."

There's no word yet on what the family plans to do with the free iPads.

The Consumerist is also saying that after their original story was posted, another person came forward and said the same thing happened to him. Makes you wonder if Best Buy has a glitch in their online store, doesn't it?