I don't wear heels. Ever. Really. No, really!

But I have made inappropriate footwear choices before. I wore my Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star's during an all-day walking and shopping excursion in Denver. They are cool kicks, but my feet were killing me at the end of the day. Last fall, having never really owned proper hunting boots, I went pheasant hunting out by Chamberlain in an old pair of Sketcher boots. There was nothing wrong with the boots, I liked them a lot. They were simply not designed to keep cockleburs and other assorted South Dakota vegetation away from my feet.

The woman in this video did not plan her footwear choice well when she wore heels on the ice after the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup Finals. She turns, slips and faceplants. It looks painful. The best part is, it was right when the reporter said, "never a dull moment with these Kings."