A Brazilian soccer team in Sao Paulo has been ordered to play its next two home games in an empty stadium after a man was fatally struck on the head last weekend by a toilet bowl thrown from the stands.

Yes, I said a toilet bowl!

The group overseeing the league has also banned any of the team's fans from attending matches anywhere in Brazil until the person who threw the toilet bowl is turned over to authorities.

I have two questions.  First of all, if this person actually carried the toilet bowl from the parking lot into the stadium, wouldn't you think someone would've asked, "Hey, what do you plan on doing with that thing?"

Or, let's just say the fan got caught up in the moment and decided to rip the toilet from the floor of the stadium bathroom, again, wouldn't you think someone would have stepped in - especially those standing in line waiting to use the biffy - "And where do you think you're going with that?"

And people in other parts of the world can't understand why we here in this country aren't big fans of soccer.