A group of South Dakotans would like to revise the way political campaigns are financed. An opponent to the idea has serious reservations about the concept.

Initiated Measure 22 would primarily diminish the role of political action committees and political parties for statewide and local elections while increasing transparency in the process. Ben Lee from South Dakota’s chapter of Americans for Prosperity agrees in the statute’s spirit but not in principle.

“The idea of ethics and transparency in government those are good and lofty goals. We want to make sure we have good campaigns and good government. I don’t think this measure is a real legitimate run at that effort.”

Lee feels the law takes a couple wrong turns in the way tax dollars are used for elections.

“Number one I don’t think it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars. Number two anytime you give money to one group, you’re taking it from somewhere else. If we learned anything in this last legislative session it’s that the budget is tight in Pierre. If you’re going to take money and give it to politicians you’re taking it away from other priorities.”

IM 22 also has provisions to create an ethics commission to enforce the law plus prohibit State officials and high-level employees from lobbying State government for two years after leaving their post.

South Dakota voters will decide a total of ten ballot issues among various Constitutional Amendments, Initiated Measures and Referred Laws.

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