The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman dropped a list of names of character that will die before the show and/or comic series' end. He made this jokingly shocking revelation during a panel at Hawaii Comic Con.

Rick, Carl, Michonne. In the show, Daryl Dixon, eventually Abraham, Rosita. Rosita’s already dead in the comics. Jesus.

In the barely audible video Kirkman is responding to a young fan who asked if he could list everyone who will die. His response was definitely sarcastic in tone.

It is plausible that Rick, Carl and Michonne could die at some point. But should the Internet go nuts because Kirkman was trolling fans? No. It's not happening soon. In fact I think the best guarantee that those people are alive is that he mentions them. He did not mention Glenn, who I think is the most likely to be Negan's victim in the Season 7 premier.

I refuse to read into anything the show does. They keep playing the slight of hand and it's driving me crazy. Stop bait and switch and just surprise us. Oh, and kill off a character who matters, not the character whose pay grade is one notch above a zombie extra.