A lifelong South Dakota Democrat is having a dream fulfilled by attending the Democratic National Convention July 25-28, 2016 in Philadelphia.

If you call the Democratic office in Sioux Falls, you’ve likely heard the voice Jeff Wilka answering the phone.  He’s been a part of democratic movements for over 40 years and will be among 14 attending the convention from South Dakota.

Wilka’s dedication to serve and tenacity comes from overcoming many obstacles in life.  As one of 12 children, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a child and spent much time at what was then called The Crippled Children’s Hospital and School, now called Children’s Care Hospital and School.

Wilka’s family of eight brothers and three sisters along with several friends raised the money for him to the event for the first time.

He talks about meeting Hillary about 25 years ago in Lennox while she was touring South Dakota to promote her health care plan while her husband Bill Clinton was president.  That meeting compelled him to support her through the years.

Mentors through the years include Tom Daschle, Jim Abourezk, and Dorothy Thompson.