Imagine if your significant other had a once in a lifetime chance to live Mars. Oh, and this is no round-trip ticket. Once you're on Mars, you stay on Mars. Which would mean never seeing your family again.

That’s exactly what Ken Sullivan from Utah wants to do. Ken, currently is a medevac pilot in New Mexico and husband and father of four who wants to pack up, leave his family behind and live on Mars!

Ken, who has been married to Becky for over five years, and who has four kids ranging in age from 6 months to 13 years, has been selected from a group of 200,000 applicants for the Mars One project to be one of the people who might be sent to live on Mars.


First take off won't be until 2024 and by that time 2 of his children will be full grown, the youngest will be only 10 and 13.

The question is do they get divorced now or get divorced later if he is chosen? What would you do?