Well-known dating coach David Wygant doesn't think people should get married until they are after 40. Why? Because apparently we are all just too immature to handle it. Well, I think he's just a big fat booger.

Wygant, an internationally-renowned dating and relationship coach, author and speaker, thinks people who got married in their twenties got married too young. His reason: at that age we don't know who we are yet.

He told the relationship website 'Your Tango':

If you’re a woman, you really don’t know who you are until you’re thirty... Your twenties are all about finding yourself. And, sorry guys, but if you’re a man you really don’t know who you are until you’re at least thirty-five to forty... we’re just way too immature until we’re at least thirty-five to forty.

And according to Wygant, that's the key to a successful marriage: knowing who you are.

To make a marriage successful, you have to know who you are first. None of this Jerry Maguire ‘you complete me’ crap.

Wygant also sees another benefit to waiting - reducing the population.

This would also mean that families would be smaller and the worlds population would slow down to something more manageable. This is not an Al Gore thumping blog post but we are running out of key resources in the world and a few less kids would really help the issue.

What do you think? Do people get married too soon?