I read some dumb thing on Facebook that said: "Quick, look to your left and what is the first thing you see that you could kill a zombie with?"

The fist thing I noticed was a Rolodex.

Why the hell is there a Rolodex in my office? I have been in this office for eight years and I think I've opened it up three or four times, though I haven't touched it in at least four years.

Then I opened the top desk drawer. What did I find?

I tried to find out what was on this orange floppy disk but I could not find a computer with a floppy drive. Couldn't have been much because it only holds 1.44 megabytes. That's enough storage for about 45 seconds of music. I think it was last used in 2006 based on what was written on the label.

Also in my drawer I found something my predecessor must have left behind.

This "Liquid Paper Dryline" tape thing has been used but never by me. I would never need it. I would just retype and reprint anything I screwed up. Any form I have to fill out by hand is always emailed or downloaded so if I messed it up I would just reprint again.

Does anybody have any of this stuff in their desk anymore? Does anyone use it?