I took this photo in the parking lot outside of Scheels on Friday. I was amazed at how stupid one entire row of cars were.

The truck on the left is parked in the correct direction. The car on the right is one of six that was parked facing the wrong way. The other side of the aisle was pointing the right direction.

I know it's much harder to park perfectly when ice and snow are covering the yellow lines in a parking lot. But is it that hard to just line up your vehicle with the ones around it?

I took my daughter to Great Bear on Friday to go tubing. Only part of the parking lot there is paved with lines, that couldn't really be seen, and the rest is gravel. Once I got to the gravel part and there were no lines, the aisle resembled a snarl of randomly staggered abandoned cars blocking the interstate on The Walking Dead.

I think the solution is to stop parking at angles in the winter and park squarely. It's easier for the spatially challenged to park next to a car at a 90 degree angle than at a 45 degree angle.