Nikki Williams is a fiery redhead born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  That's right.  No typo there.  She was born in South Africa.

When she was 16, her family moved due to post-apartheid crime.  Of all places, they moved to Nashville.  Nikki said it was hard fitting in especially when she didn't know the language.

Shortly, after the move her parents divorced.  She and her sister stayed in Nashville with her mom and her dad went back to South Africa.  Nikki continued to stand out in Nashville.  She was more of a punk rock chick than a country cutie.  She started hanging out with the wrong crowd.  However, music was her saving grace.

By her junior year in high school she had a publishing deal with Sony ATV.  She never wanted to be a country star, though.  She helped write songs for the movie 'Country Strong' and songs for American Idol runner-up, Lauren Alaina.

She relocated to Los Angeles and the rest is history.  Her debut single is 'Glowing.'  It is a catchy dance floor anthem and shows promise of what is to come.