Thanksgiving dinner is all about the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. If you grew up Scandinavian-American like I did, Thanksgiving dinner also includes a plate of tortilla-looking flat bread on the table. For the uninformed, this little delicacy is called lefse. (Pronounced leff-suh.)

I recall my brother and cousins lathering up their lefse with butter and/or brown sugar. But I never considered lefse a delicacy, I thought it was a bad tortilla without taco meat. It might be the worst food I see this time of year.

Some of Norwegian-Swedish brethren think I am insane for this opinion. That it is un-Scandinavian-American of me to dislike lefse. I don't care. I find it bland and unappealing and only serves to take up space better saved for turkey or Swedish meatballs.

What do you think of lefse?