Set your Flux Capacitors and fill up Mr. Fusion because this weekend we need 1.21 gigawatts of power so we can go back to the future...Future...Future...Future...(fade out).

On Sunday March 10 at 2AM we will travel into the hour.

I mean it's just Daylight Savings Time...but, we can pretend that we are saving Doc from the guys in the micro bus and going into the future...Future...Future. All the way to 2015! Which I guess is only two years from now.  Wow that's not much time to make 15 more Jaws movies.

So, be all boring if you want and just turn your clocks ahead an hour on Saturday before you go to bed. Enjoy your warm milk and dry toast Knit Knots. I'll be powering up the Delorean and when I hit 88 mph I'll be on my way to enjoying a Pepsi Perfect at Cafe 80's.