Kuchen may be the official state dessert of South Dakota, but nothing is more American than apple pie. This month, we celebrated National Apple Pie Day to honor the concoction that dates back to the late 1500's.

If you're looking to honor the apple pie in South Dakota, just where should you go to get the best slice around?

Mental Floss complied a list of 'The Best Apple Pie From All 50 States', and in the Mount Rushmore State they recommend the Purple Pie Place in Custer.

So why did Mental Floss pick the PPP?

The secret to their irresistible pies, including their classic apple, is in the crust. The recipe achieves the perfect balance of sweetness, and it’s a secret shared by only three people.

Have you tried the apple pie at Purple Pie Place? Is there a better place for apple pie in South Dakota?

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