It's hard to imagine a world without the sandwich.

But the history of the lunch time staple only dates back about as far as the Untied States itself - the late 1700's. That's when the first writings about the newfangled creation of meat between two slices of bread began emerging out of England.

In the more than 240 years since, as lot of work has gone into perfecting the sandwich, and now there's a local favorite in just about every corner of the globe.

In that spirit, Esquire magazine has attempted to identify which varieties of sandwiches Americans are chowing down on these days.

So which South Dakota entry landed in their story, 'Where to Get the Best Sandwich in Every State'?

That would be the Pheasant Salad Sandwich at the Pheasant Restaurant & Lounge in Brookings. This family-owned eatery began as a gas station cafe in 1949 and is the oldest full-service restaurant in Brookings.

The menu describes the sandwich as:

Ring-necked pheasant salad with apple, dried cranberries and roasted pecans served with melted Swiss on grilled marbled rye bread.

So is this the quintessential sandwich of the Mount Rushmore state?

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