According to the Minnehaha County Historical Society, Buffalo Bill brought his famous Wild West Show to Sioux Falls in 1896. Thousands of people came out to see the spectacle, that was set up on the shore of the Big Sioux River by what is now Riverdale Park in East Central Sioux Falls.

Buffalo Bill Cody was born in 1846 on a farm just outside of Le Claire, Iowa. Buffalo Bill was a larger than life old west cowboy, Pony Express Rider, Stagecoach Driver, Civil War Soldier, and Buffalo Hunter which is where he got his nickname by killing thousands of buffalo while providing meat for railroad building crews.

In 1883, in the area of North Platte, Nebraska, Cody founded Buffalo Bill's Wild West, a circus-like attraction that toured annually.

By 1913 Buffalo Bills Wild West show was forced into foreclosure. In 1917 Buffalo Bill died of Kidney Failure at age 70

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