We live during a time when it's difficult to be a school age child. Society has dealt many kids these days a lousy hand in life. All too often you turn on the TV, crack open a newspaper or hop on social media only to read about how some school age student has brought a weapon to class, got busted for drugs while on school property, or was expelled for fighting with a fellow student or one of their teachers.

What's the cause? Broken families, neglect, poor parenting, teachers losing the upper hand in the classroom, poor role models in society, who knows. The so called experts can come up with a variety of reasons why this behavior and type of thing is so prevalent today.

This much is for sure, we live in a world that tends to look for the all the negative things that happen in our daily lives. It's easy to gravitate to all the negativity. So many people gobble it right up and eagerly await to be served a second helping.

In the midst of everything that is seemingly wrong in life, I want to take a brief moment to focus on what is right. In particular, what a group of kids here in Sioux Falls are doing right.

Two separate stories about Sioux Falls Middle School students were recently brought to my attention. Both stories deal with the positive things kids are doing at this very moment in our community.

The first story has to do with a group of 6th graders from Memorial Middle School who recently celebrated no late assignments in the first quarter by having their teachers prepare them a breakfast of pancakes and eggs for a job well done!

Here's another cool story, that goes unmentioned. Students at Edison Middle School are at this moment busy collecting winter gear and clothing for other less fortunate kids in the area that could use a warm coat, hat, and some gloves for the upcoming winter weather season.

Where's the mention of all this on the news and in social media? There are plenty of positive things kids are doing every single day, and trust me when I say, these two examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

I have to imagine it's extremely tough having to grow up in the world today with so many negative influences surrounding you on a daily basis. That's why we all need to go out of our to way praise, and acknowledge the things our kids do right every chance we get.

Please share your stories of the positive things kids here in the Sioux Empire are doing to help change peoples lives. We'd love to help spread the word.

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