What's the Coolest Yet Most Useless Thing You Own? I asked the question Wednesday afternoon on a whim. I posted it on our Facebook and Twitter. We had a few takers. Oh, and some were pretty cool.

Daniel started things off with a combination flashlight tazer. Now, I'm not sure if that's something that's even legal to carry around, but since he posted it on our Facebook I'm thinking he's probably OK. Cool & Useless?  Probably.

Pic by Kelcy Beaner

Then we heard from Kelcy Beaner. For those that don't know her, Kelcy is an awesome follow on twitter. At least 3 times a week I laugh out loud at her view of the world. She has a phone. That looks like hamburger.  Cool and Useless? Probably. However, I'm thinking it would be cool to take it into McDonald's or Starbucks and pretend to be talking to someone on it.

Becca then chimed in on the 'party line' we call Facebook and said, 'My husband's shelf of truck pull trophies... that he won't let me move out of the dining room!' Personally Becca, I feel your pain, but hey, it's a hell of a conversation starter when people come over for a meal for the first time!

Robynn talked about a can of Budweiser Light that she has. Not Bud Light. Budweiser Light. Cool thing, it's in a real old can, that you would need a can 'opener' to get to the beer with.  Cool and Useless? Yes, and Yes again.

Angie said, 'her children, they just sit there.' Obviously they're the let's just park our butt age and were sitting around watching Angie make dinner when she typed that. I hear you Angie, Cool and Useless?  Yes, and necessary for conversation starting at family reunions.

Penny talked about having 8 horses. Cool and Useless? That depends. Teach em to work as a team and you could put them to work for Wells Fargo, when they piece together their next television commercial. Cool and Useless? Yet to be determined.

Keith King, today we will crown you, the owner of the Coolest and Yet Most Useless thing  you could own. Actually, most of our responders kind of dug it. Keith owns a 3 D printer. He said,

I would not recommend running out and buying one. The items are very messy when done printing (lots of fly away strands, like messy hair). Also the you almost need a degree in CAD to create the projects. You can download items from online, but your chances of them turning out are very slim. For every thing that printed correctly, I had 5 other times it didn't turn out. BUT it is really cool to play with!