Thousands of miles are traveled on the network of streets in Sioux Falls. Not surprisingly 41st Street is linked to a high number of pileups.

When looking at raw numbers of crashes in the city and where those fender-benders occur, some interesting data starts to emerge. Traffic volume, access points, length of sample area, weather conditions and road design all contribute to street safety.

The City of Sioux Falls Traffic Engineering supplied the stats on crash data for major corridors in the city with some obvious and some surprising areas where accidents occur. The data used for this report will use a survey period from the years 2012-2015.

With a four-year sample size, these numbers may or may not meet the official statistical definition of a trend. However looking back to years prior to 2012, there were very interesting numbers that necessitated dropping those numbers out. For example from 2003 to 2011 crash numbers on 41st Street from Louise to Kiwanis were consistently above 30 per year, then dropping down to no more than 23 per year during the most recent four years.

As a general rule, areas with heavy retail are more prone to crashes. Plus keep in mind that 41st Street is directly involved with 6 of the 11 top stretches with crashes and adjacent to a couple more.

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