One would think that the most searched topic during Cinco de Mayo would be margarita recipes, salsa ideas, fine tequilas, or perhaps the history of the holiday.

Not in South Dakota.

According to CableTV, on May 5th of 2016, we googled "Qdoba Menu" more than anything else.

It sounds odd. But I might have a theory.

At the fast-casual Qdoba I feel the need to know how to order before I get to the counter. Saying "I'd like a burrito" is just the beginning of a multitude of rapid-fire questions. "Red beans or pinto? Whole grain or white tortilla? Which Salsa? Lettuce? Rice? Bowl? Pork, Beef, or Chicken? Did you say pinto? What kind of cheese? Sauce? Hot, medium, or mild? Jalapenos? Red or green peppers? Did you or did you not..."

It's my fault. Perhaps if I'd googled "Qdoba menu" like everyone else I could have walked up with confidence. Now I feel like I just blew the big final Jeopardy question.

I'd like to say South Dakotans were alone in this quest, but I can't. North Dakota came along and it was their #1 search as well. That's crazy. I would be searching "is there an oil field under my house?" or something like it.

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