During the infrastructure improvement process there will be growing pains.  There also must be a viable plan to serve the needs of the residents.

On the western fringe of Sioux Falls is the 41st Street reconstruction.  The project includes a fair amount of inconvenience for homeowners.

Plenty of dirt work is still to come to build more lanes of traffic and a couple of houses at the western edge of 42nd Street have to navigate a detour plus a little drop off to get home.  Depending on their route, their choice of 53rd, 48th, 46th Streets, or Ellis Road are necessary to reach S. Klein Avenue and turn west.

(Dan Peters/KSOO)

Also have some sympathy for the house just South of 42nd Street on S. Ellis Road.  They have to dodge some orange cones, then go off-roading just to get in the driveway.  Luckily the ground is packed down enough that even on a rainy day, it’s not a Slip-n-slide ride home.



This area looks extremely rugged now compared to before this phase of construction started.  Anticipated completion date is November of 2014.


(Dan Peters/KSOO)