Here's a little nugget of information to chew on the next time you go on a first date ladies, chances are that man sitting across the table from you is thinking about marriage! (Cue the psycho theme.) recently released the results of their annual study on "Singles in America." Here are the highlights:

As strange as it may sound, men are far more likely to think about marriage on a first date than women. The majority of men surveyed admitted to wondering what it would be like to be married to the other person on a first date. Do you suppose he's also wondering if you should serve chicken or fish at the reception too?

Regarding the subject of dating, the average person spends $62.00 a month on dating. $62.00 bucks! Huh? You can drop nearly $62.00 just seeing a movie these days!

How often are these people going out, and what kind of dates are they going on is my question? The Taco John's drive thru and Netflix must constitute the majority of dates these days?

When it comes to sex and dating, here are a couple of interesting factoids according to the study; Women with Red Hair are more likely to visit pleasure town. Followed by blondes, who has we know like to "have more fun." And for some strange reason, women with Android phones climax more often than gals who carry the iPhone. Maybe Apple can develop an app for that?

Here's a stat that should make single people happy out there, 62% of single people want to have more sex this year than they did last year.

And guys, if you're planning the perfect date, 10:00 P.M. is supposedly the most ideal time to consummate relations. That means if everything goes as planned, you should still have plenty of time to make it home for the second half of Sportscenter.